How it Works

How H\FC works in 30 seconds

Paid GIGs and better resumes are just the beginning.

Kaj Zandvliet

September 11, 2023


H\FC Sizzle Reel

Home From College is a career platform built for young professionals. 

Our mission at H\FC is to put young professionals first. Our platform and tools are built specifically for people who are just starting out in their career. 

With that in mind, you do not have to be in college to use our platform. 

High Schoolers, recent graduates and college-aged non-students, are all using H\FC tools in the US, Canada and around the Globe. Please refer to our Student Terms of Use for specific age requirements related to GIG participation. 

Here is how a student might use H\FC:

  1. Build a better resume in the Resume Studio. Whether it's your resume resume ever, or you are well versed in the resume-gamethe template library, or upload your existing one.

  2. Apply to GIGs on the platform. You can apply to as many GIGs as you like, and you don't have to attend any specific college to apply. In fact, you don't have to even be in college!

  3. Message with companies, and keep track of your GIG application status through the Dashboard.

  4. Participate in programs on through the Home From College GIG Portal. Signing contracts, messenging, submitting content and getting paid all happens on the platform.

Home From College is for every young professional out there. Please enjoy the platform and for additional questions, please reach out to