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Hearing back on your GIG applications

Don’t worry, there's no ghosting on H\FC.

Kaj Zandvliet

September 11, 2023


How GIG statuses work
What your GIG status means.

Hearing back from companies is not just important, but essential. Home From College is built to offer students transparency and communication. Once you’ve applied to your GIG, you will get email notifications of your application status, every step of the way.

Once you’ve applied to a GIG - or many GIGs, you can check your application(s) status on your Dashboard.

dashboard status
dashboard status

What your status means: 

Every application goes into Review once it is received. This means it’s been received by the company, and they have the ability to review your resume and IQ questions answered in your application. 

Once a company has reviewed you, they can Top Applicant you. This means they are interested in you and have tagged you on their end. Being Top Applicant-ed does not mean you have been accepted or will be messaged. 

Once a company is ready to connect with you to discuss next steps, schedule an interview or ask additional questions, they will send you a message through the platform, and your status will changed to Messaged

Finally, when the company is ready to work with you, they will Accept you on the platform. When they’ve done this, you will be notified to sign a contractor agreement. Until you complete the agreement, you will be in the Awaiting Signature status. 

Accepted Status GIG Portal
Once you are Accepted to a GIG, you will have access to your GIG Portal.

Once you’ve been Accepted and have signed your contractor agreement, your status will move on to Program Begins, and the Open GIG Portal button will become available for you to track time, upload content, and manage your contracts. For more on how the GIG Portal works, please read our post on the GIG Portal HERE.

Email notifications: 

As a GIG applicant, you will receive notification emails any time your GIG application status changes, as well as when a company messages you. 

Not accepted: 

If within 30 days of GIG posting, the company has not messaged or accepted you, you will receive a “Not Accepted” email notification. This way, you will always know where you stand within a 30 day period of applying. 


Users can also be Invited to a GIG. This means the recruiting company on H\FC has specifically invited you based on your location, interest, school or any other information associated with your Resume. For more on being Invited, please read our post on Invitations on H\FC.

FYI!! Companies may still reach out to you even after the system has sent the “Not Accepted” email. If they do, you can still engage and work with a company, should you want to.

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