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Hero Cosmetics Launches in Canada with H\FC

How Hero Cosmetics established a content committee to grow brand awareness in Canada

Noah Wong

June 01, 2024


Examples of content from Hero Cosmetics
Examples of content from Hero Cosmetics

When Hero Cosmetics, a Gen Z favorite brand known for their acne-fighting mighty patches, launched in Canada, they knew they wanted to work with local creators who could speak authentically to their audiences about the product. So, they launched their Canadian content committee through Home From College, where they recruited fifteen college and post-grad creators in key Canadian markets like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal to create video content on the Hero Mighty Patches. These creators were already producing content on their pages related to beauty and skincare, allowing Hero Cosmetics to naturally integrate into their content and be positioned as a recommended product from a trusted source within these niche markets. 

Over the course of three months, Hero Cosmetics shared monthly content briefs with students. These briefs were designed to highlight the effectiveness of the mighty patches in combatting pimples, showcase their availability at Shoppers Drug Marts, and incorporate them into day-in-the-life content. This approach aimed to demonstrate how the product is a perfect fit for the busy, on-the-go lifestyle of Gen Zers. 

Ultimately, Hero Cosmetics generated strong engagement with 10,000+ views on its 45 pieces of creator content. It was able to reach niche audiences within Canada and position Mighty Patches as a trusted product for fighting acne. By working with micro Canadian creators through the Home From College platform, Hero Cosmetics authentically launched itself into the Canadian market and built strong brand awareness within the college and new grad demographics.