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Aquaphor takes on college campus'

Aquaphor's takeover across the country 🌎

Sarah Xu

February 09, 2024



Throughout the second half of 2023, Aquaphor teamed up with Home From College to foster genuine connections within college communities across the nation! Through a stunningly successful Content Creators GIG, Aquaphor aimed to resonate authentically with individuals who share a profound affinity for their brand. This collaboration wasn’t just about skincare, it was about uniting with users who genuinely adore Aquaphor, and the experiences and stories that make college life extraordinary for Aquaphor users. 

We’re thrilled to work with incredible students from across the country through this GIG who are talented storytellers and creators, as well as excelling in their college careers… with the help of Aquaphor in their lives 😉 Their stories showcase the profound impact of Aquaphor's engagement strategy, showcasing the beauty of authentic connections and shared passions within the vibrant college landscape. We asked 4 of our creators to share their experience working with Aquaphor and how they embraced their love for Aquaphor in the most creative and authentic ways - here’s what they have to say!

🌟 Jill Rafferty, The University of Arizona 

@jillraffertyy on TikTok

“I have been a customer and fan of Aquaphor for years, so I was thrilled to hear that they wanted to take a chance on me as a content creator. I love to promote brands that I truly could not live without and find the creation process so much easier when it’s a company I love like Aquaphor. 

I have had an amazing time working with Aquaphor, they have made the whole process so seamless. It has been so much fun to be a part of this campaign. I learned how to better plan my content out in advance and brainstorm specific content buckets. I loved being able to interact with the other creators, and I was inspired by their videos which helped me make mine even better.”

🌟 Lucy Ganser, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

@lucyganser on IG

“I wanted to join the Aquaphor GIG not only because of how iconic the brand is, but also because of how long I have been using products from Aquaphor. From a very young age my mom would always give me Aquaphor to help hydrate my hands and lips during cold weather, living in the Midwest this is the majority of the year. I really wanted an opportunity to work with a company that I have genuinely been using my entire life and I am so grateful to have been picked to help represent Aquaphor on my campus!

My experience working with Aquaphor has been great! They are responsive when giving edits or approving content and have been helpful during our calls discussing new content briefs. My absolute favorite part of this GIG is the connections it gives me, both online and in-person! Aquaphor reposted some of my content on their Instagram stories, a big "made it” moment for me that allowed my content to be seen by thousands of people that don’t follow me! This GIG also sparks conversations between myself and others in-person, with people commenting on how much they also love Aquaphor or asking how I got this job. I feel so grateful to have had this opportunity thanks to Aquaphor and H/FC; I can’t wait to keep applying to GIGs and working with brands through Home From College!”

🌟 Catherine Esrey, Duke University

@theoneandonlycatherine on TikTok

“I am a big believer in being genuine about what you promote and I genuinely love Aquaphor and I use it in my daily life so the partnership was a no brainer. My experience working with Aquaphor has been so much fun and thanks to H/FC, I was able to stay on top of my deadlines and communicate easily to the brand. 

This five month collaboration went by so fast and thanks to the amazing people on the Aquaphor team and the H/FC team, I never felt overwhelmed and was able to stay on top of my deadlines and content. I learned a lot about brand partnerships and how to create engaging, informative and genuine promotional content for my audience.”

🌟 Niaa Lawrence, Howard University

@neeyuhh___ on IG

"I wanted to join the Aquaphor GIG because before becoming a college brand ambassador, I was already a customer of Aquaphor. Also, this was my first brand partnership with H\FC and it just so happened to be with Aquaphor (which was amazing)! This opportunity gave me the familiarity lifestyle of what it means to be a content creator and a college student.

My experience with the gig was great! I loved the communication between everyone involved and the support from other creators was something I’ve never experienced before. Two things I learned from the GIG is communication and online organization. The team was super professional, supportive and gave wonderful feedback every single time. It felt like we were a true family and I loved that. I’ve also never worked with a brand that used online platforms to stay organized—which was a new experience for me! I added more tech savvy tools to my list of expertise now!"