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How to pay participants on H\FC

All payments from company to student run through the H\FC platform.

Kaj Zandvliet

September 11, 2023


Paying Participants on H\FC
Paying Participants on H\FC

ALL IN ONE PLACE, all things payments will live in your GIG Portal!

Once you’ve accepted your GIG participants, the hardest part is over. When it comes to paying them, all that’s left to do is make sure they are properly set up in your GIG Portal, check payment dates and amounts, and voila! Paying people has never been this easy.

H\FC’s Terms of Service require all students sourced through Home From College to be Accepted on the platform. Once a student is Accepted, they will get email and on-platform notifications about payment processing. 

If your GIG is paid hourly, GIG participants are prompted on their side to submit hours through this portal. 

If your GIG is paid monthly, the monthly stipend rate is automatically added in your portal to each student in your GIG for any given period. 

You, as the company, can head to the Monthly Tracking tab, review the submitted hours or monthly stipend, and reject them if needed. If they are not rejected, they are automatically approved and will be processed on the indicated billing date.

Monthly Time Submissions
Monthly Time Submissions on the GIG Portal

Billing date: In the GIG Overview, you will see a billing date associated with your monthly time tracking. This is the date in which all non-rejected time will be charged to your credit card on file. We do not recommend changing your billing dates since your participants expect to be paid for their work on each cycle. Should you need to adjust your billing cycle, head to the Settings tab. For more information about adjusting your billing cycle, head to this article.

Rejecting time vs removing a participant: Rejecting time simply rejects a specific time submission, but does not remove your participant from the program. If you need to remove a participant entirely, head to the Participant tab and remove. This ensures the participant will not be included in any future billing charges.

Reviewing Participant Time
Reviewing Participant Time

Paying your GIG participants off-cycle: 

Coming soon, we will have a “Process Payment Manually” button where you can process charges immediately, and reset your billing cycle. This is not common, and for further details, please refer to the “Manual Payment Processing” post HERE.

Email payment notifications: 

Paying GIG participants is easy and straightforward on H\FC. You will get email notifications as your billing date is coming up, so that you can be aware of upcoming payments and review time. 

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