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Accepting Candidates on Home From College

Your GIG starts once you’ve accepted your participants! 

Kaj Zandvliet

September 11, 2023


Accepting students on H\FC
Accepting students on H\FC

Finding candidates to work with is easy on Home From College. You’ve listed your GIG and you’ve received eager candidates. Now you are filtering them based on your specific needs. All that’s left to do is “Accept” them in order to kick off your GIG program.

The process of getting your GIG from “Listing” to “Program” is simple. Once you’ve listed your GIG (see How to List a GIG article, for help with this) and is LIVE, applicants will begin to stream in You can view them on the VIEW APPLICANTS page. The first step is checking out their resumes and tagging Top Applicants. You can tag many or a few, it’s entirely up to you. You can also jump straight to messaging candidates, messaging one or many candidates at a time. 

VIEW Applicants page
Applicants in the funnel in the View Applicants page.

After your first message to a student, a direct message is kicked off between you and each applicant in the Message section. You can message freely with as many candidates as you wish, for as long as you wish.

Sending a Message
Sending a Message to one or many applicants

Once you’ve connected with participants via the messenger, you will be ready to accept some of your candidates and turn them into GIG participants. You can accept participants directly in the Messenger or View Applicants page, where candidates will be in the Messaged section of the CRM. 

Messaging on platform
Messaging on the H\FC platform is easy

Once you are ready to accept participants, you must complete a contractor agreement through the platform. For specific help with finalizing and sending your contractor agreement, please view Finalizing a Contractor Agreement. 

Once you’ve accepted participants, they will be added automatically to your GIG Portal, where you can track time, review content, and pay participants! 

Accepted Participants
Accepted Participants in the GIG portal

Accepting participants is an essential step to kicking off your GIG program on H\FC.

For limits on how many applicants you can Accept for any given GIG, please check our FAQ and Pricing Page

For additional questions pleasereach out to