Hot (Working) Girl Summer

Watch out for our H\FC superstars 🌟

Sarah Xu

October 11, 2023


Gen-Z has never been just one thing. With Gen-Z’s shtick living around a “can do it all and do whatever we want” kind of mindset, they are constantly reaching out into the ether to find how they can harness their passions and where they can make that bank💰.

These college students are leaders, are ambassadors, are activists, are society shapers, are curious - and as college summers tend to be a time for anti-stress exploration, they are honing in on and redirecting that test-taking brain power into what will become a force to be reckoned with post-graduation.

Our (almost) 100,000 students on Home From College are some of the most motivated, talented, and ambitious Gen-Zers you’ll find, and you can bet they are hustling this summer. These students are undoubtedly impressive and we LOVE showing them off, so take a peek at some of our talent and how they’re spending their summer:

Jessica Lam
Jessica Lam

Meet Jessica Lam - UCLA, Psychology

Jessica recently found Home From College on Instagram and joined the platform to grow in her content creation skills. After a few months of applying, she was eventually accepted to her first GIG with Steve Madden, or in her words, “STEVE freaking MADDEN.” Her work through H\FC has only grown stronger and has now worked GIGs with Urban Decay and Aquaphor.

“As a small content creator, I have to say that joining HFC is one of the best decisions I've made this year.”

Aside from working GIGs this summer, she is also working as a full-time Digital Marketing Intern at an AI company in Los Angeles. Alongside these impressive professional experiences, she will soon begin summer school, leading her back into the new academic school year. In her free time, she enjoys creating videos, exploring new places in SoCal, and working towards improving herself mentally and physically.

Lea Moreno
Lea Moreno

Meet Lea Moreno - Georgia State University, Marketing

Lea came to our platform after discovering us on TikTok! She had learned the platform from scratch, not knowing what to expect, and after a few applications landed her first GIG with Steve Madden.

“That partnership was truly a dream come true as it’s a brand I‘ve loved since I was 12! Ever since, H\FC has been one of my favorite platforms and gives me outlets to express my creativity through content creation!”

She is currently working on the Aquaphor College Ambassador GIG while also becoming a Leasing Professional (LP) earlier this summer. Simultaneously, Lea landed the Business of Fashion Internship with The Smith Agency, being able to travel to Dallas as part of the Elite SA Travel Team, and gaining more experience with wholesome apparel at Dallas & Atlanta market!

Natalie Garay
Natalie Garay

Meet Natalie Garay - UCLA, Dance & Communications

Natalie joined Home From College after discovering a TikTok where H\FC TikTok Creator, Nicole Hurd, blew her mind with the H\FC vision and the chance to get experience that fit into her busy schedule. She began working as a H\FC Campus Team Member, and has since found other amazing job opportunities.

This summer, she is working as the ‘You Need This’ Events & Activations Intern, found and applied through the H\FC platform! In this role, she has received vital experience in public outreach, coordinating events and projects, and overall growth in career confidence and hands on training.

Along with her internship, she has also balanced her schedule practicing as a member of the UCLA dance team and producing the UCLA dance major show, WACSMASH. When she is not dancing or working, she spends her time with her roommates and traveling when possible!