Why Gen-Z cares about anti-cyberbullying

...and so does Urban Decay 💄

Sarah Xu

September 23, 2023


Urban Decay Changemaker Program
Urban Decay Changemaker Program

Earlier this summer, Urban Decay launched their Nano-Creator, Beauty Making and Impact GIG with Home From College to bring their Changemaker Program to social media. In collaboration with Cybersmile, they created this program to stand up for those who have been affected by online bullying and built this campaign to help make a meaningful impact through activism and empowerment.

The Cybersmile Foundation, committed to tackling all forms of cyberbullying and digital abuse, has provided Urban Decay’s education modules that cover topics such as Allyship on Social Media, Becoming an Upstander, Dealing with Online Bullying, and many more. Our students in the Home From College network were excited to join the conversation and use their content creation skills and deep understanding of Gen-Z within social media to bring positive change to their peers and beyond. Their passion for anti-cyberbullying advocacy showed strongly in their applications and content produced for this campaign, so we asked some of our students to share why the Changemaker Program is important to them - here’s what they said:

Angelina Hamid, @angelinaserenaxo

“I joined the Urban Decay Changemaker GIG because I wanted to be a part of a campaign that spoke up about the dark side of online bullying and ways to prevent cyberbullying. As a content creator, mean comments have the ability to affect you, but it's great to learn how to persevere through them and what steps to take to help those dealing with it as well. I learned how I could be an ally and help those receiving hateful comments online.”

Angelina is a nursing student at The University of Miami and has been in the H\FC community for almost 1 year now!

Sophia Scharffenorth, @sophiasch1

“I joined Urban Decay's campaign about cyberbullying because it deeply resonates with me. As someone who experienced bullying in my childhood due to my tooth gap, I understand the emotional toll it takes. Even as a content creator, I continue to face cyberbullying online, making this program very important for me.

Through completing the Changemaker Program courses on cyberbullying, I've gained valuable insights on how to recognize and address cyberbullying effectively, fostering a safer and more inclusive online environment. Being part of this campaign has empowered me to stand up against bullying and advocate for positive change in the digital space because I know that together, we can create a world with more kindness.”

Sophia studies graphic design at Lynn University and has participated in many GIGs in the last year as a content creator!

Danielle Gootman, @healthywithdani

“I joined the Urban Decay GIG because the Changemaker Program is an amazing opportunity to educate others and make a difference. This program taught me how to empower others on social media and be an ally, and aligns with my personal values of acceptance and positivity. I am so happy to be a part of creating a safer space on social media!”

Danielle is a marketing major at The University of Tampa, and has grown immensely with Home From College, participating in many GIGs to work with amazing companies and create meaningful connections!