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H\FC Takes on the #SMCAMPUSTOUR2023

See what our students had so say about #SteveOnCampus!

Sarah Xu

October 11, 2023



To kick off this school year, Steve Madden activated a pop-up on five campuses across the country, including The University of Texas at Austin, Tulane University, University of Alabama, Florida State University, and Georgia University. To advertise their new ‘Everlie’ shoe for back-to-school, Steve Madden partnered with Home From College to find fashion-forward, community-driven students to spread the word across campus and get students energized and involved at this bus tour! Not only was this a smashing success for Steve Madden, but students LOVED being involved in the marketing mix and being able to represent such a well-loved brand on campus. Let’s hear for some of our students on why they loved the SM campus tour:

Emily Berg, Freshman at Florida State University

“My experience with the SM Campus Tour was truly remarkable. What I loved the most was the opportunity to connect with other students who shared an interest in the SM brand. It wasn't just a promotional event; it felt like a community gathering. We got to explore the Everlie collection, ask questions, and learn about its features firsthand. This interactive aspect made the experience much more engaging than a traditional marketing campaign. It also formed partnerships with local businesses, enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved.”

Alexis Waterworth, Sophomore at The University of Alabama

“I loved all the people I got to meet from the corporate office, and everyone was so kind and energetic about the event. It was also really fun to work an event that was on my campus & hand out goodies to people I go to school with.

I think this was a unique way to sell and promote shoes, and I know a lot of students on campus were talking about it. I also had friends from other universities who didn’t have Steve Madden visit them tell me how jealous they were of the opportunity I got. It definitely helped to bring Steve Madden back to our generation and I love that!”

Ava Richards, Sophomore at The University of Texas at Austin

“I loved the SM Campus Tour because it gave me access to a great student ambassadorship, allowing me to represent the well-known brand. It was a fantastic opportunity to create original content representing both Steve Madden and UT Austin for back-to-school. Chatting with UT students and meeting new faces at the bus was a fantastic experience. Working with my fellow ambassadors made it even more enjoyable!

I thought the campus pop-up for Steve Madden was a brilliant and engaging idea. It added a more organic touch to promote their new shoe, the Everlie, and I appreciated their experiential marketing approach. It not only got people talking but also helped build connections, whether over free goodies or the latest fashion trends. It was a fun and smart way to connect with the brand to college campuses.”

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