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Poppi x H\FC: Product Seeding on Campus

How Poppi brought sips to lips on campus

Noah Wong

May 13, 2024


Students with Poppi

Poppi has been on a mission to prove that #sodaisback with their line of prebiotic sodas that have quickly become a Gen Z favorite. For the 2023 Back to School Season, Poppi wanted to bring that energy to colleges by authentically integrating themselves into campus life. They launched their Soda Ambassador Team on Home From College, which brought in over 1,800 applications from students excited to share their ideas for how Poppi could come to life on their campus. 

Poppi then selected their first ten members from there to join the Soda Ambassador Team. This motivated group of students came from a wide range of colleges, from big state schools like UT Austin to smaller liberal arts schools like the College of Charleston. They identified the unique moments at each of their colleges related to Back to School and got to work incorporating Poppi into students' daily lives.

Students With Poppi

People LOVED it! Everyone was comparing flavors and passing them around throughout the house and at our tailgates.” - USC Poppi Ambassador. 

In the end, Poppi’s ambassadors handed out cans to over 15 clubs and 10 sororities with a collective reach of over 3,000 students. They showed that by working directly with students, brands can best understand the significant groups and moments on campus and how they can show up in an authentic way and get students excited to continue to consume their products.  

Students with Poppi
Students With Poppi