Case Studies

Creating User-Generated Content for a Viral Brand

How MaryRuth's Organics leveraged Home From College to scale their content creation program.

Noah Wong

May 31, 2024


Hero Media

MaryRuth’s Organics, a popular health and wellness brand, burst onto the TikTok scene in early 2023 as people swarmed online to order their liquid multivitamin teeming with essential nutrients. To tap into this online fervor and engage with the Gen Zers, a key demographic on TikTok, MaryRuth’s team set their sights on gathering a trove of user-generated content they could use across their social platforms and paid media. 

In the summer of 2023, the MaryRuth’s team launched their first gig with Home From College, recruiting over 100 college and new grad students to create a green-screen reaction to one of the viral videos about MaryRuth’s as they tried out the product for the first time. 

MaryRuth’s user-generated content had a significant impact. By putting paid media behind these videos, they provided thousands of TikTok users with an authentic and organic reaction to their product, amplifying the reach and impact of their brand. 

Since then, MaryRuth’s has continued working with Home From College, producing content at scale for many of their popular products. Their efforts have paid off, as they have built a loyal following of Gen Z vitamin enthusiasts. Many students are not just using the products, but also sharing the positive health results they’ve seen, a testament to the brand's success.

As MaryRuth’s continues to grow and scale, they have obtained over 500 pieces of user-generated content from over 250 creators on the Home From College platform.