Case Studies

Built By Girls Making Gen Zers the Voice Of Their Brand

How Built By Girls recruited a content committee of Gen Zers to bring a Gen Z voice to their social media pages

Noah Wong

June 01, 2024


Examples of student content created for BBG

When Built By Girls, a Yahoo-owned organization that seeks to empower the next generation of female and non-binary leaders, builders, and creators to pursue careers in technology, launched their TikTok, they knew they wanted to bring on some college faces to the brand that could speak authentically to their target audience. The Built By Girls brand is focused on being a big sister persona to female and non-binary high school and college students, where they can get advice and tips on pursuing a career in the STEM field. Using Home From College, they recruited a content committee of eight college students of diverse educational backgrounds to create user-generated content for their Instagram and TikTok channels. 

Every month, each student would pitch content ideas for the Built By Girls socials, such as sharing tips on preparing for interviews, behind-the-scenes college internships and clubs, and even highlighting famous female figures in the STEM space during times like Women’s History Month. Each student could share their personal experiences, from advice for navigating college as a neurodivergent person to stories of backpacking through Japan while learning about horticulture. 

By working with Home From College to recruit students to be the face of the page, Built By Girls was able to speak authentically to its audience because the creators on the page were of the same demographics. These students understand what their fellow Gen Zers are looking for in content and what advice and stories they wish they had known in their earlier years. The content committee continues bringing new faces, personalities, and perspectives to the Built By Girls socials, providing followers with entertaining and educational content.